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Dear "Mrs. Smith"

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-----Original Message-----
From: Hunting, Abigail S.
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 8:48 AM
To: "Mrs. Smith"
Subject: "John's" Interim Report

Dear Mrs. "Smith",
My name is Abby Hunting and I am working with Jamie Odeneal this year as
I obtain my Master's Degree in Teaching ESOL.  For the past three weeks,
I have taken lead of Jamie's classes, and I wanted to send you a
personal note with "John's" Interim Report Card (see below) to express my
concern for him.  "John" has not been putting forth much effort in his
schoolwork recently, and his misbehavior has been surprising and
something I thought you should be aware of.

As you can see, "John" is not doing well in his B1 Literature class, with
his current average being a 40% (F).  Last week, when given class time
to get started on homework, "John" refused to do it and merely sat there
while the other students completed the vocabulary assignment.  The next
day, I spoke with "John" after class, showed him his grade report, and
explained to him that he needs to do the vocabulary homework in order to
do well in the class.  He seemed to understand, but he still hasn't been
handing in vocabulary assignments.

On Friday, "John" came into B1 Resource class late.  He has been late to
this class many times before.  It is my classroom rule that if a student
is late to class, he/she cannot go to the library.  Although "John" has
been made aware of this rule before, he became very disrespectful when I
told him he could not go to the library because he was late.  I offered
to let him use my computer (and then he could print out the assignment
in the library between classes) but "John" continued to say disrespectful
things until finally, after speaking with him in the hallway, I sent him
to see the Assistant Principal, Mr. Mondloch, on account of his
disrespectul behavior.

Today we had a different bell schedule due to SOL testing in the
building.  This schedule was posted on the board for the students to
see, and it was explained during 1st period (when I had "John" for B1 Lit
class).  When "John" came back from the library today during B1 Resource
class, he began to leave the classroom (at 12:25) before it was over (at
12:30).  I explained to "John" that we were on a different schedule today,
and that we still had 5 minutes left in the period.  "John" began yelling
about me not being correct, and again, was very disrespectful.  I told
him that if he continued to be disrespectful it would affect his
participation grade for the day, to which he replied "Yeah, have fun
with that". 

I am quite surprised at "John's" recent attitude and disrespect in class,
as we have always had a nice relationship and "John" is normally respectful
and reasonable.  I am also concerned about his incomplete assignments,
since I know "John" to be a very smart and capable young man.  Can you
speak with him about his recent behavior?  I am very happy to do
anything I can do to help him succeed.

Thank you,
Abby Hunting

Short Story Test:                             10.5/50 points =21%
Agenda:                                          14/15 = 93%
Hatchet Novel Quiz Chapters 1-2:   3/3 = 100%
Vocab Homework Ch. 1-2:             0/6 = 0%
Hatchet Quiz Ch. 3-5:                      3/4 = 75%
Vocab H/W Ch. 6-8:                       0/6 = 0%
Quiz Ch. 6-8:                                   3/5 = 60%
Vocab H/W Ch 9-11:                      0/6 = 0%
Quiz Ch 9-11:                                  4/5.5 = 72%
Vocab H/W Ch 12-15:                    0/6 = 0%
Quiz Ch. 12-15:                               6.5/9 = 72%
Agenda:                                           11/15 = 73%

TOTAL:                                          40.66% = F

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