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Lesson Plan for March 16, 2005

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Teacher: Abigail Hunting        

Date: March 15, 2005

Subject:  ESOL Literature

Grade:  B1

Period/Block:  1

Number of Students:  11



Lesson Topic:  Peer Response and Peer Editing for creative essays on “Hatchet”


SOL Objective Targeted:

  • LEP 4.1:  The student will use effective oral communication skills in a variety of settings.
  • LEP 4.4:  The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction.
  • LEP 4.5:  The student will use meaning clues and language structure to read words.
  • LEP 4.6:  The student will use strategies to read a variety of fiction and nonfiction materials.
  • LEP 4.9:  The student will use English mechanics and usage.
  • LEP 4.8:  The student will write narratives, explanations and short reports across all content areas.
  • Unit Title:  “Hatchet”

 Unit Goal(s) Addressed: Students have learned about Gary Paulsen’s use of imagery and figurative language in “Hatchet”.  As a summative assessment, students have been asked to write a creative essay (from the main character’s point-of-view) using four forms of figurative language, and three forms of imagery. 


Rationale for the lesson:  As ESOL students, most are probably not very aware of forms of descriptive language and the impact they have on a reader’s response.

  • The warm-up will serve to refresh student’s memories about the plot, and help to prepare them for their reading quiz. 
  • The quiz will serve to check students’ understanding and also to ensure that students keep up with at-home reading assignments and comprehension. 
  • The peer response and peer editing will enable students to analyze one another’s use of figurative language and imagery, as well as identify theme and editing mistakes.


Student Objectives: SWBAT:

  • Listen to directions and follow reading.
  • Work with peers.
  • Analyze literature and writing styles.
  • Identify four forms of figurative language and three forms of imagery.

 Assessment/Learner Outcomes:


1.      Formal:  When finished, each student will have completed peer response and peer editing exercises to be assessed.

2.      Informal:  I will be able to informally assess students as I monitor their peer response and peer editing. 




1.      Student Materials:  Pens/Pencils; “Hatchet” folder booklet; copies of “Hatchet”; dictionaries.   

2.      Teacher Materials:  Overhead projector, transparencies for example essay, transparency pens.  Handouts for students.




1.      Entry:

        Explain today’s agenda and homework.

        Warm-up: “Read page 186 again.  How does the rifle change Brian?”

      Short Review of Chapters 18-19

        Reading quiz Chapters 18-19


2.      Learning Activities:


        Break students into pairs.  Explain to students that today we are going to do a “peer response”, and pass out the directions handout.

        Read through the directions with them. 

        Model the directions, using a sample essay, on the overhead.  Explain that they are NOT editing the essay.  They are only reading for understanding.

        Point out the Peer Response Sheet and read over the directions with students.

        Have students exchange essays and complete these two steps – silently!  Give them a time limit of 15-20 minutes.

        When finished, have students share their answers with (and explain them to) their partners.  Have them give their responses to each other.

        Have students turn to the last page in their folders – the editing page. 

        Have students write “Peer editing” on the top of the second copy of their partner’s essay.

        Model editing for them, using the sample essay on the overhead again.

        Give students 15-20 minutes to edit each other’s papers.

 3.      Closure:

        Give participation grades.

        Explain homework again:

(1)    Final Draft of Essay, including the First Draft, Peer Editing, and Peer Response Sheet.

(2)   Hatchet folders will be collected on Friday.

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